The vision of Elegee is un-paralleled. Inspired by exhibits from fashion week, Elgee captures pure proclamation.  This piece embodies the Snacks lifestyle and high fashion.


SKU: 1027
  • This is a limited quanty item, Edition 1. Each edition is produced and numbered.  Made of 7 ply grade maple wood.

    Can I Ride it?

    These editions of artwork are intended for decorative purposes. While you could definitely skate on them if you wanted to.

    How to Hang it on the Wall?

    We provide you with a set of instructions that tells you everything you need to know to hang your board up. Our team is also always ready to help if you have any additional questions.

    Are There Hanging Restrictions?

    Direct exposure to sunlight might result in discoloration and damage to your editions. To avoid this, we strongly suggest hanging your art-decks away from direct natural light.

  • There is no returns on this item.